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Our Approach

Our Mission is to be persistent in the pursuit of emotional well being.

Women: We are prepared to lift women out of harmful cycles in coping and relationships, heal trauma and toxic conditioning from childhood, and reveal the woman you yearn to be. We commit to helping you identify new strategies to eliminate burnout and tap into the boldest, brightest parts. Our counselors have excellent training specific to women to accelerate the healing process. How we work with women


Kids & Teens: Our counselors have skillful strategies and practice wisdom to work with children ages 4+, teens, and families. We apply research-based strategies to boost the well being of your child and family. Our counselors will find the root of your child's struggle and build a stronger foundation with you. How we work with kids, teens, and families

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How Counseling Works



We start with a brief phone call to get a sense of your needs and schedule*. We then schedule a consultation with you and a counselor specifically trained for women's concerns or for your child, depending on needs. 


Work of Healing & Growth

Once goals have been identified, the interesting deep work of therapy begins. Our counselors use modern strategies with a high degree of skill and compassion to support your healing with efficiency and efficacy.



In the first sessions, your counselor will learn about your needs and focus on building connection and trust. Once she understands your hopes, strengths, and fears, you will identify goals and treatment plans. 



You came here to feel better. Period. We want to get you back into living life with new skills and the peace and joy you came here seeking. Graduation is always the goal, but everyone's timeline is different. 

*Because of the high caliber of counselors we employ, we often have wait-lists. We keep wait-list timelines under a month and maintain contact with you during that time. If we are unable to serve your needs in the time you require, we will offer referrals.

Evidence-Based Strategies

At the heart of our practice is a profound sense of empathy, combined with evidence-based methodologies. These strategies aim to nurture holistic well-being, fostering resilience and helping you navigate challenges with greater awareness and strength.


Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-centric strategy that addresses trauma, stress-related symptoms, and toxic self-beliefs. The focus is on releasing the intense reactivity in our bodies from fight, flight, or freeze.  


SE helps you process and move through the reactivity, increasing resilience to challenging sensations and emotions. This method not only aids in healing but also strengthens inner resources like positive beliefs and healthy boundaries, leading to profound personal growth.



Mindfulness invites you to embrace life with heightened awareness and intention, igniting a journey of self-compassion and discovery. In mindfulness counseling, you'll learn to increase awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, moving beyond automatic reactions that hold you back.


This approach is a gateway to the present, offering healing and growth. ​Our counselors, skilled in mindfulness, help identify these opportunities, turning your sessions into a practice space for these essential life skills.


Exposure & Response Prevention

More on this in a minute!



Attachment counseling acknowledges that the human journey is deeply influenced by relationships. Our experienced counselors recognize how these connections have shaped self-soothing skills, self-perception and interactions. ​


By exploring your relationship history and current patterns, we focus on healing past traumas, repairing the damage of past relationships, and fostering healthy relationships for today and tomorrow. You deserve stronger, more positive bonds. 


Pregnancy & Postpartum

When a child is born, so is a mother. This unique developmental transition begins even before conception and can be a valuable component of growth and evolution for a woman. 

Our counselors are trained in various skills that support this transition and all of its major challenges, including pregnancy anxiety and depression, Postpartum anxiety and depression, and birth trauma recovery. We are women willing to walk beside you in this rich transition of life so you can be the mother we already know you are.


Cognitive Behavioral

More on this in a minute!


Play Therapy

Play is the natural work of humans, and children do not differentiate between work and play. Dr. Garry Landreth, an influential leader in this field, has said that play relieves stress, enhances connections in relationships, stimulates creative expression and exploration, and helps kids regulate emotions.


Dr. Landreth has gone on to explain that in play therapy the toys in the play room are the child’s words and the play itself is the child’s language. Our counselors are trained to interpret and engage this language for healing. 


Mother Wound Healing

Mother Wound Healing addresses the deep-seated trauma many women and mothers face due to modern society’s pressures of perfection, competition over collaboration, and self-sacrifice. 

Our approach combines grief work, Somatic Experiencing, attachment theory, thought processing, and mindfulness to challenge and change harmful belief systems. This healing path empowers you to reclaim your feminine essence that powers your vibrancy, power, evolution and connectivity to community.


Grief Therapy

More on this in a minute!

Commitment to Personal Growth and Healing

Our counselors are committed to providing the highest quality therapy. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to heal and thrive, and we are honored to be a part of your journey.

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