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Mindfulness calls on you to wake up to the possibilities, benefits and challenges of human life with awareness and intention that allows you to live "lit"! Mindfulness encourages you to cultivate compassion for yourself while searching deeper to uncover wisdom and healing opportunities.


Mindfulness therapy increases awareness of feelings, thoughts, and actions to reduce auto-pilot reactions that often keep us in stuck places. Mindfulness is an invitation to the present moment, and mindfulness therapy is an invitation to the healing opportunities in the present moment. This work allows you to build skills of meditation, breathing, and emotion regulation so that the overwhelm of sensations, everyday life, inner thoughts and feelings, and past traumas have less power over you. 


The mindful therapist brings trained awareness to the counseling experience to identify opportunities for healing and growth.​The relationship between therapist and client can serve as a practice ground for mindful skills. So healing opportunities for communication, connection, presence and emotion regulation are always readily available. And these skills transfer to real life! 

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