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Our Story

Sarah Webb, owner, visionary, and matriarch for Illuminate Counseling, has practiced in the mental health field for over 18 years, 14 of which were spent in Montana mountain towns! With Illuminate, Sarah wants to not only provide excellent service to clients, but also firmly commit to the nurture, cultivation, and growth of healthy therapists so that they have the opportunity for good work and longevity in this field. 


Our Mission: The Illuminate Team commits to provide expert healing practices for women and children so they live thriving lives.


Women: We are prepared to lift women out of harmful cycles in coping and relationships and heal trauma and toxic conditioning from childhood, to reveal the woman she yearns to be. We commit to helping clients identify new strategies to eliminate burnout and tap into the boldest, brightest parts. Our therapist also have enhanced training for more specific challenges related to women, so be sure to check out our specialties here.


Kids, Teens, and Families: Additionally, our therapists maintain skillful strategies and wisdom working with children ages 4+, teens, and families. We apply attachment, development, and interpersonal strategies to boost the health of all families we come in contact with. Our therapist also have enhanced training for more specific challenges related to kids, teens, and families, so be sure to check out our specialties here.

The Team of Illuminators

Expertise. Passion. Curiosity. Respect.

Our mission is to positively contribute to the mental health of all clients we serve and to the therapists we employ.


H.B., Manhattan, MT

"I feel like I am able to share openly with someone who is truly listening. I appreciate that sometimes you offer help with situations, but sometimes it’s just an opportunity for me to say things aloud."

J.K., Sheridan, MT

"We started out talking about a concern at the forefront of my mind and within 20 minutes had made an important discovery about a need that I didn’t know I had. This experience taught me that feeling the sensations in my body that accompany my emotional distress can give me profound insights that help me on my journey to better mental health."

M.B., Livingston, MT

"I have such a feeling of safety and security I receive each session. I know that I can bring my whole self to that room."
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