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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing, or SE, is a body-focused counseling model that allows healing from trauma, stress-related symptoms, and toxic belief systems about yourself. We create massive amounts of energy in our bodies in response to stress. If you've heard of "fight, flight, or freeze/fawn", that's the kind of energy that somatic experiencing is addressing. The body's natural strategies for self protection are often hindered in traumatic experiences. Sometimes, that reactive energy can get stuck in the body. SE encourages increased tolerance for difficult bodily sensations and emotions, and invites the body to complete the reactivity cycle. Therapists are trained to provide appropriate, supportive touch as an added skill, but only if approved by the client. 

Somatic practices can also illuminate bold internal structures that you want to grow bigger and stronger, such as supportive belief systems and healthy boundaries. Feedback from clients about healing with somatic experiences are illuminating and profound. 

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