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Meet the Team

Our Story

Our mission is to lift women out of trauma and burnout so that she can fully trust in herself and embody her power and vibrancy in all aspects of her life and relationships. Through 15 years of training with masters and personally embodying the power in the feminine, we bring wisdom and practical skills to the healing experience that women yearn for after years of trauma and exposure to patriarchal culture dynamics.


We use mindfulness, attachment, somatic psychotherapy, and mother wound healing to fully harness the rich healing opportunities for women. We acknowledge the lack of societal structure that leaves many women isolated and lost, and overly dependent on a partner that may not know how to fully see or support her. 

Meet The Illuminators

With 15 years in Montana communities, I have deep connections and have been influenced by many perspectives. I have synthesized wisdom of many different perspectives, experts, and fields of study to offer you a dynamic experience of real progress and healing. My advanced training allows you to get the most out of your counseling experience. I see each woman as unique and trust her body’s wisdom of emotional, spiritual, and physical well being as the source of healing and vibrancy. 

My practice is rooted in the values of authenticity and personal empowerment, and the science of mind-body connection and supportive emotional regulation. My approach to our partnership is compassionate, open-minded, holistic. I use relations-based, eclectic strategies to meet your unique needs, and encourage skills practice to support life-long resiliency.

What Clients Say...

"I have developed skills for managing my anxiety and OCD symptoms through working with Sarah that truly give me a feeling of confidence and freedom in knowing that I can handle my symptoms, which previously made me feel trapped and at times, hopeless." - J.
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