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Counseling for Women

Serving women in Bozeman and across Montana

Counseling for Women

We Get You.

Women often lack support, resulting in over functioning and dependence on coping skills or relationships that don't fully serve you. We are a collective of expert counselors trained in mind-body and relational strategies to help you resolve stuck places and connect to the deep wisdom and joy necessary to navigate all of life.

Sound Familiar?

You feel burned out, overwhelmed, and unsupported. You don't feel like yourself or you're not so sure who you these days. Life is coming at you at full speed, but you find it hard to enjoy it all. Nothing feels like "enough", including you.


Family patterns may be unhelpful or stressful and you're ready for something else for you and your family. People-pleasing or focusing on others may feel "easier", but you're starting to feel resentful and irritable.


You imagined a different life where connections were deep and joy was plenty. Let's get you there.

Happy Woman
Best Counselors in Bozeman

Our Approach

Counselors with Illuminate will help you heal trauma and toxic conditioning from your lifetime through modern and effective therapy strategies, so you can own the woman you yearn to be.


We will help you identify efficient strategies to eliminate burnout and tap into the boldest, brightest parts of you!

The Illuminators

How Counseling Will Help You

Trauma Expertise

A lot has changed in the mental health field around how best to treat trauma. You will benefit from more effective and less distressing therapy with our counselors, who deploy research-based trauma strategies to support your healing and opportunity to thrive. 

Mind - Body Integration

Your healing process should be deep and enduring, which we support through mind-body integrative approaches. Our training in mindfulness and somatic therapy ensure this critical connectivity and healing towards wholeness. 

Big Picture Approach 

You will experience a "big picture" approach during the assessment and treatment planning process, because we are invested in offering you healing opportunities beyond just coping. You will experience long-lasting impact from our work together. 

Healthy Counselors

You benefit from our commitment to healthy and expertly trained counselors. Our relational foundation extends all the way to how our counselors feel as professionals and women. We share ideas, training, and uplift so that we can show up as our best selves for you! 

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