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Counseling for Women

Hello! It's You!

We might be a good fit for you if any of these sound familiar:

  • You feel burned out, overwhelmed, and unsupported

  • You had a traumatic birth or are struggling in postpartum

  • You feel like you're just never good enough

  • You lay down at night and your brain spins

  • Your relationships don't feel as fulfilling as you want

  • You're not sure who you are anymore

  • You feel disconnected from your body and your spirit

Women often lack support, resulting in hyper functionality and dependence on coping skills or relationships that don't fully serve you. We are a collective of experts trained in mind-body and relational strategies to help you resolve stuck places and connect to the deep wisdom and joy necessary to navigate life, work and relationships.

All therapists with Illuminate Counseling will help you heal trauma and toxic conditioning from your childhood, so you can reveal the woman you yearn to be. We will help you identify new strategies to eliminate burnout and tap into the boldest, brightest parts of you!

Bozeman Counselor Sarah Webb women

Sarah Webb,LCSW


With Sarah, you'll get 15 years of mental health service in Montana communities. Sarah values authenticity, grace, and growth and brings those opportunities for every client into session. She has synthesized wisdom from research, experts, and experiences to offer you a dynamic experience of real progress and healing. Her advanced training allows you to get the most out of your counseling experience. She sees each woman as unique and trusts her wisdom of emotional, spiritual, and physical well being as the source of healing and vibrancy.


Sarah worked with children and families for a decade before focusing on mothers and women. She believes women are the heart of every community and strives to support that beating heart.  

Lauren Boland, LCSW


With Lauren, clients will receive authenticity and mirror pond calm. Coming to counseling as a second career, Lauren has a depth of career and life experience that enriches each woman's experience in counseling. 

Lauren's training encourages focus on relational and developmental themes, as well as dynamics unique to women. She engages mindfulness strategies as well as techniques that encourage the client's awareness, freedom, and self-direction. Lauren is a captivator of the present moment and triumphs in making those moments healing and growth inspiring. 

Lauren Boland therapist counseling women teens

Ellerey Jorgenson, LCPC


More information on Ellerey coming soon!

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