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Heal burnout and trauma to reclaim your power



We are Illuminate Counseling

Are you tired of feeling burned out, disconnected, and overwhelmed? You want to reconnect to your identity and navigate life with more ease and less emotional upheaval. You're ready to feel confident in your relationships and have full trust in yourself. This is your opportunity to release your wild, unyielding love, light and wisdom, shedding light in the darkest corners.

We are counseling experts here to help Montana women to step into their whole, most authentic selves by healing trauma and creating consciousness about relational patterns and healthy connections in the body and community. We have the roadmap to reclaim that feminine essence that powers your vibrancy, power, and evolution.  

Possible Struggles:

  • It's challenging to build a life that supports your own nourishment and nurturing

  • It's hard to let anyone help, but you also feel invisible or underappreciated 

  • You suffer outbursts, rage or suppressed anger

  • You find yourself comparing your life to others

  • You struggle with perfectionism or feeling "never enough"

  • You long for a community of support 

  • Your worries flood you at nighttime 

Modalities for Healing:

Counselors for Women in Bozeman Montana


Therapy Sessions
Pregnancy, Postpartum & Motherhood

We understand the unique process of stepping into and claiming your power as a mother. Let us share the roadmap.

Counselors in Bozeman Montana for women
Identity Reconstruction

Mindfully step into your full self where you can heal, elevate your truth, and connect to deep wisdom. 

Counselors in Bozeman Montana for women
Burnout Recovery

Burnout might seem like the "norm", but it's not. We help you reclaim your whole self for family, health, and career vibrancy.

Counselors in Bozeman Montana for women
Grief & Loss

Navigating grief can be isolating. We support your integration of loss in healthy, deep ways.

Counselors in Bozeman Montana for women

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Ten times a day something happens to me like this
- some strengthening throb of amazement -
some good sweet empathic ping and swell.

This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know:
that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.

Mary Oliver

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